Maria Hassabi’s Distorted Mirror – frieze
Music Heals: Lydo – e-flux Criticism
Jota Mombaça’s “A CERTAIN DEATH/THE SWAMP” – e-flux Criticism
Continuously Surviving: Suneil Sanzgiri – Mousse
Juliana Huxtable and Tongue in the Mind – e-flux Criticism
Bea Schlingelhoff: Alle Tage Sabotage – Mousse
Songs for Living and Dying – Terraforma


Concrete Poetry: Ignacio Gatica – Mousse
Documenta 15 – Artforum
Institutional Critique: Expanding the Frame – The Art of Critique (Franz Hals Museum/Lenz Press, 2022)
Tony Cokes’s “Fragments, or just Moments” – art-agenda
Decolonial Love: Daniela Ortiz – Mousse
Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It’s Kept – Mousse
Subconscious Drives: Nathalie Djurberg & Hans Berg – Terraforma


Kang Seung Lee: Relating Otherwise – Heichi
Chicago Works: Omar Velázquez – art-agenda
Unplaceable Objects: Miho Dohi – Mousse
Is It Déjà Vu?: Lorraine O’Grady’s Cutting Out the New York Times (1977) and Cutting Out CONYT (1977/2017) – Lorraine O’Grady: Both/And (Dancing Foxes Press/Brooklyn Museum, 2021)
“Speculations on the Infrared” at EFA Project Space – art-agenda


Zheng Bo – Spike
Cruel Intentions: Bri Williams – Mousse
“Scrivere Disegnando” at Centre d’Art Contemporain – frieze
Giulia Essyad at Cherish – Artforum
To Be Seen – Spike
American Artist at Queens Museum – Spike
Private Eye: Condo London 2020 – Artforum
Devotions and Deviations: Aviva Silverman – Mousse


A diminished poetry. An expanding (and contracting) writerly. Fragments, for Rindon Johnson – Centre d’édition contemporaine, Geneva

Remembering Ren Hang – Dazed
Interview with Civilization – Kaleidoscope
Sadaf H Nava at 17ESSEX – Artforum
Interview with Ahmet Ögüt – King Kong
Interview with Santiago Sierra – King Kong
Julie Tolentino at Commonwealth and Council – Artforum
Interview with Jimmy Robert – PIN-UP
Ritual and Revolt. On Barbara McCullough’s “Shopping Bag Spirits and Freeway Fetishes: Reflections on Ritual Space” (1981) – Spike
Megan Rooney’s Missing Children – frieze
Wings of Desire: Berlin Art Week 2019 – Artforum
“Motions of This Kind: Propositions & Problems of Belatedness” at The Brunei Gallery, SOAS – Spike
Violet Dennison at Kunstverein Freiburg – Artforum
Interview with Huw Lemmey – i-D
“A Series of Readings and Performances Towards a Philosophy of Jet Lag” at Auto Italia – King Kong
Precious Okoyomon – Kaleidoscope
Arahmaiani at Museum MACAN – Spike
Hon Chi-fun at Asia Society Hong Kong Center – Artforum
Lu YangSpike
“Post-Nature – a Museum as an Ecosystem” at Taipei Museum of Fine Arts: Interview with Mali WuSpike

Encircling the Museum from the Countryside (with Amy Lien) – Rockbund Museum, Shanghai
Château Reading Series: Brandon Brown and Harry Burke – CODEX Books, New York
A Festival of Stories – Queens Museum, New York

Reading by Rindon Johnson and Precious Okoyomon – KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin


ground (with Marlie Mul) – Self-published

Tops & Flops 2018Spike
“Geographies of Imagination” at SAVVY Contemporaryfrieze
Seen in SingaporeVulture
Seen in ShanghaiVulture
Julien Ceccaldi: Kölnischer Kunstverein / CologneFlash Art
Emma Portner: Love Is a Thick GlassSpike
“The Conditions of Being Art (Pat Hearn Gallery and American Fine Arts, Co. (1983–2004)” at Hessel Museum of ArtSpike
Whitewalling: Art, Race & Protest in 3 ActsArtReview Asia
hamishi farah’s painting of dana schutz’s son exposes the art world’s white fragility (with Whitney Mallett) – i-D
Cici Wu at 47 CanalSpike
Kirsten Pieroth at MathewSpike
Issues & Commentary: Here to StayArt in America

Fabriques de contre-savoirs (with Marlie Mul as ground) – 49 Nord 6 Est—FRAC Lorraine, Metz
Hopes and dreams for the future (with Amy Lien & Enzo Camacho) – Cordova, Barcelona
Baltic Triennial 13 – Lithuania, Estonia, Latvia

凔凔暖人 who loves in the worldCanton Gallery, Guangzhou
Bhanu Kapil, Khairani BarokkaSALTS, Basel
Segue Reading Series: February – March 2018 (with Precious Okoyomon) – Zinc Bar, New York


Love During Wartime – If a Leaf Falls, Edinburgh

Maria HassabiSpike
Stephen Cripps at Museum TinguelySpike
Our Common Thread: Cecilia Vicuña’s cloud netSpike
Liquid, Concrete: concrete and screenshotsJean-Michel Wicker, picturebook #1
“Inventing Downtown: Artist-Run Galleries in New York City, 1952-1965” at The Grey Art GallerySpike
Jackson Mac Low at The Drawing CenterSpike
Duane Linklater with Ethel Linklater & Tobias Linklater at 80WSE GallerySpike

Holland Festival: I’d Rather Be Outside (with åyr) – Stedelijk, Amsterdam
Perverts – Cell Project Space, London

Ho King Man: Stiff Cotton Brain StoneSALTS, Basel
Hanne Lippard: PocketSALTS, Basel


Brackets – Publishing House, New York

Post Hyper TextSpike
Sophia Le Fraga, Karl Holmqvist, Harry Burke In ConversationConvolution
Bluntly Speaking: Dean Blunt at Arcadia MissaTexte zur Kunst
Raphael Hefti: A) Negligence Causing a FireMousse Publishing, Milan
Megan RooneyKaleidoscope
Aspirational LivingTrace Programme, Exploring Positioning
What’s ↑, Doc? On reading rabbit writing in Eduardo Kac’s The Lagoglyph Seriesekac.org

Works off PaperSALTS, Basel


Shanzhai BiennialSpike
Study #9, Untitled, Etel AdnanDavid Roberts Art Foundation
“The Symptom of Art” at CabinetSpike
Page Break – on poetry beyond the pageTexte zur Kunst
Tony Oursler at LissonArt in America
carlos reyes is exploring the pasolini archivei-D
​we speak to the artists behind the ICA’s new exhibition, looksi-D
Than Hussein Clark at David Roberts Art FoundationSpike
Korakrit ArunanondchaiSpike
Artist Profile: Kari AltmannRhizome
Cécile B. Evans at SeventeenArt in America
Blessed Are the MeekSpike
Artist Profile: Emily JonesRhizome

Poems 1990–2001SALTS, Basel
Life Gallery: There’s No Space in SpaceSPACE, London
Life Gallery: Our House in the Middle of Your StreetVilma Gold, London
Life Gallery: Gili Tal, Lena Tutunjian44 Albion Street, London


I Love Roses When They’re Past Their BestTest Centre, London

City of God (with Alessandro Bava) – Version House, Berlin

holly childs and the art of turning web language into fictioni-D
An illustration of process / an intervention into the museumRaphael Hefti
Bunny RogersFlash Art
pics or it won’t happen – an overview of performance art at frieze 2014i-D
Fashion as performance artDazed
NewHive: A “Blank Canvas” for the Super-FeedRhizome
Capital “I”Full Stop
We Are All Traitors: Interview with Bunny RogersMousse
Art, Bed and Breakfast: The AIRBNB PavilionRhizome
Why Holly Childs is the baddest writer aroundDazed
Constructions of Truth In A Drone Age: “Forensis” at HKW, Berlin (with Lucy Chinen) – Rhizome

surplus living group exhibition (with Elisa R. Linn & Lennart Wolff) – km temporaer, Berlin


Open Office Anthology (with Rózsa Farkas and Tom Clark) – Arcadia Missa, London

Artist Profile: Harry SandersonRhizome
Postscript (p.s. Forever) (with Rózsa Farkas) – Mute
Younger than RihannaRhizome

Random House (with Rózsa Farkas) – Arcadia Missa, London
Insitute BiancheLibrary +, London


Net NarrativeCarlos/Ishikawa, London