Harry Burke (he/him) is an art critic and a PhD student in History of Art at Yale University, New Haven.

recent writing:
Is It Déjà Vu?: Lorraine O’Grady’s Cutting Out the New York Times (1977) and Cutting Out CONYT (1977/2017), Lorraine O’Grady: Both/And (Dancing Foxes Press/Brooklyn Museum, 2021)
“Speculations on the Infrared” at EFA Project Space, art-agenda
Zheng Bo, Spike
Hannah Black at Arcadia Missa, art-agenda
Giulia Essyad at Cherish, Artforum
Interview with Jimmy Robert, PIN-UP

upcoming events:
Conversations with Decolonize This Place & Friends, Part 4, Saturday, April 10, noon EST
Modern and Contemporary Forum: KUNCI Study Forum & Collective, Friday, April 9, 10 a.m. EST

twitter: @harryb_rke
instagram: @harryb_rke
email: h@harryburke.info

photograph: Jeannine Han